Guess Who’s Back!

Hi everyone! I’m back!

Where I’ve been and why I hadn’t updated in a long time is a very long story. I will get into it in future blog posts I’m sure. It started with a very stressful situation that snowballed and then I just had a hard time getting back to it.

A lot has happened in the past year and a half since my last post, and I plan to tell you about all of the important stuff.


But first! I want to tell you about what I am working on now!


I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset, and running my own business is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. But it’s not easy, and I often wonder why it appeals to me so much. As a person who deals with mental health issues on a regular basis, it’s something that is extra challenging for me, but here I am!

2015-07-31 13.45.02

As most know, I am an Arbonne Independent Consultant. I love the products and the company’s values. I think joining this company helped me realize my desire to own a business. However, it didn’t give me the creative outlet I need. I don’t feel passionate about marketing these products, which I think is what made my journey with Arbonne very slow. I’ve decided that Arbonne does have a purpose and place in my life, and who knows what I will do with it in the future. For now, I am remaining a consultant, but this business is going on the back burner. People are definitely still welcome to come to me for Arbonne products, and I love to help people find the best products for them.


So, if I’m putting Arbonne in the background, what is my focus now??

I am going to continue to write in this blog, and I plan to soon begin to try out video blogging as well. Me on camera? Yikes! If any Vloggers have any tips or advice for someone starting out on YouTube, leave a comment below.


Under the umbrella of my company “Tarably Inspired” I am going to have 2 separate businesses that sell on Etsy.

The first is a fashion shop. I actually started Tarapparel back in 2010 when I graduated from college and I was bored living in Sarnia trying to save up some money to move to Toronto. After I moved here I dropped it. Tarapparel is going to carry a wide range of products. Sweaters, tops, skirts, pajamas, accessories, and pet accessories.

The other shop is called Digital Sequin. It’s a graphic and photography shop. I’ve always had a love for photography, and this is one way to make money from this hobby. I also really enjoy making graphics and printables.

This is Sequin, who I named Digital Sequin after.

I am in the process of building up inventory for each, and expect to launch each shop in the next couple of months. While doing this, you can follow my progress here, on my Facebook page, and on Instagram.


Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you stick around and watch my journey!


The First One

Hello everyone. I am so excited to be starting this new adventure of running a blog! Let me tell you a little about myself….

My name is Tara, and I am many things. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a wife. I am a mom of 2 wonderful rescue cats. I am a Fashion Design Assistant at MF Couture, an Arbonne Independent Consultant, and a Toronto Humane Society Volunteer.

I was recently married on June 11th 2016 to the most amazing and supportive man I have ever met, surrounded by our awesome bridal party, friends, and family.


I decided to start this blog in hopes to inspire others, and share information. I love being able to help others in my business with Arbonne and my work at the Toronto Humane Society.


I will be blogging about my life, and things that I learn along the way. I will share tips and advice for a healthy lifestyle. I also want to touch on how I am able to manage my mental illness (depression and anxiety) while running a business and basically going through life. I will share my insights that hopefully you will be able to relate to or be inspired by. You can also expect some fun posts about other topics as well.


My hope is that everyone who reads my blog will enjoy it, be inspired, educated, and motivated. You are welcome to leave feedback in the comments section under any post. I would also love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments or would love to connect! Just fill out the contact form.